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Age Against The Machine®

Let’s rewrite the narrative
 around what it means to age and focus on the power of your potential.

  • Protecting Future You
  • Protecting Future You
  • What On Earth is NMN?
  • What On Earth is NMN?
  • Need guidance in your ageing journey?
  • Need guidance in your ageing journey?
  • Shop Our Bestsellers
  • Shop Our Bestsellers
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      At Youth & Earth, we view the body as an integral part of nature, offering ways to safeguard and enhance your longevity using natural cellular resources. Our supplements are crafted with organic, naturally sourced ingredients for purity and effectiveness.
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      Our products are science-backed and at the cutting edge of the wellness space, proven to be powerfully effective in increasing energy levels, boosting DNA repair and stimulating the longevity gene for all ages.
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      We reject the stigma surrounding aging. Our products are not just for those further along life's journey. Instead, we focus on unlocking your potential at any age. Y&E is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

    Hear from our community

    Hear from our community

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    Oxidative Stress?
    No More!
    Imagine tiny rust particles building up inside your cells.
    That’s what oxidative stress is like!
    Oxidative Stress helps to:
    • Neutralise free radicals and protect your cells from damage.
    • Support your body’s natural antioxidant defenses.
    • Promote healthy circulation and blood flow.
    Our Bestseller
    Think of NMN as a tiny power-up button inside your cells. That's what NMN is like!
    NMN helps to:
    • Increase your energy levels.
    • Sharpen your focus and memory.
    • Improve your metabolism.
    Nerve Growth Factor
    No More Bad Memory!
    Consider Nerve Growth Factor as a nurturing guide for your nerves, boosting your focus. That's what Nerve Growth Factor is like!
    Nerve Growth Factor helps to:
    • Improve brain health function.
    • Support immune system.
    • Conquer mental fatigue.

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